Treating Broken Capillaries - Diathermy

Treatment Procedure

Gentle Cleanse to de congest Skin pores and eliminating the makeup residuals.

Numbing cream applied onto targeted area

Followed by Controlled and accurate High frequency heat pulse application to specific areas of the face to Anti Stress enlarged blood Capillaries which gives quick and effective relief with minimal discomfort,  downtime and side effects.

Treatment Results

Diminishing Broken capillaries,
Red veins and Spider veins
Disappearance of Blood spots, Milias
Skin tags.

High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Skin Cellular

High Strength Vic C Infusion

Skin Cellular

Why Choose Us

Additional Advanced Applications

Low Intensity Laser for Quick Healing BLue Cluster Laser if skin Needs Detox Calm and Soothing Mineral facial Mask

Final touch and AFTERCARE

Anti-septic cream applied over area, application of a protective and healing Vitamin E Balm.


30/60 minutes depending on area to be treated and amount is $120


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First Session $ 120
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