Skin Lightening Brightening Facial

Treatment Procedure

PH balanced Skin Cleansing with a mild exfoliation followed by a hot and cold compress.

An Effective combination of skin lightening ingredients is infused including botanical anti oxidant to inhibit the production and activity of melanin and to slow the transfer of Melanin into the skins epidermal cells.

Sudha’s exclusive formulation Skin Lightening Herb and Clay Mask is applied for an Ultimate Result.

Treatment Results

Specifically formulated to treat every aspects of hyperpigmentation Caused by Sun damage, Hormonal imbalance, Photo Sensitive Medication and Ageing.
Clear Healthy De-tan Skin Complexion

High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Skin Cellular

High Strength Vic C Infusion

Skin Cellular

Why Choose Us

Additional application

May require using LLLT and Microdermabrasion depending on diverse Skin Condition.


Vitamin C and Wild Berry Serum is recommended as an everyday Natural care for Skin Maintenance.


Treatment Cost will be $85 for 45 Minutes and $130 for 90 Minutes Session


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45 Minutes Session $ 85
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90 Minutes Session $ 130
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