Skin Cellular Therapy - LLLT Skin Rejuvenation

Collagen Regeneration Skin Health and Wellness with Photobiomodulation,LLLT

Our most opulent and decadent experience that renews and repairs texture, tone and elasticity. The complexion is visibly plumped and smoothed to restore youthful radiance and clarity.


*Deep Cleanse to de-congest Skin pores and eliminating the makeup residuals. 

*Microdermabrasion Skin exfoliation with a mild suction which quickly and painlessly polishes the skin followed by an extraction if required.

*Integrating by Polylaser derma technology LLLT to oxygenate tissues cells for cellular synthesis for faster skin renewal, while simultaneously stimulating collagen production.

*Combining High Strength Hyaluronic acid and Vit C Serum to Nourish and Renew. 

Treatment Results

*Reduce wrinkles Increase elasticity
*Hydrating & Stimulating Collagen
*Manifesting the ageing process,
*Regain youthful complexion

High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Skin Rejuvenation POLYLASER DERMA for Skin Therapy acne And anti Aging.

Non-Invasive Laser Face Lifting & Collagen Regeneration

LLLT in combination with topical Dermaceutical grade skin products during the treatment to maximise collagen synthesis.

Aftercare and Pricing


Finishing Touch

🌸🌸Soothing Anti Ageing Leave on Mask to Protect and Keep you Skin balance. In continuation to the treatment and for the best result outcome a at home skin care regime Is recommended. 🌿🌿.

Treatment Cost

🌸🌸POLYLASER Derma facial can be delivered as frequently as weekly or up to every four weeks depending on your skin tolerance and desired skin Cycle outcomes. A course of 8 treatments is usually recommended and then a maintenance program to maintain results. First session Cost from $130 to $160 The follow ups Treatment Cost $75 Treatment Duration 90mins🌿🌿. .

Package Deals

🌸🌸You can also invest and save in buying pack of 8 sessions and save 30% of total Cost. Consult your therapist for a best package to suit your treatment programme🌿🌿.


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First Session $ 130
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Follow Up Session $ 75
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