Skin Cellular Therapy - LLLT Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment Results

*Reduce wrinkles Increase elasticity
*Hydrating & Stimulating Collagen
*Manifesting the ageing process,
*Regain youthful complexion

High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Skin Cellular

High Strength Vic C Infusion

Skin cellular

Why Choose Us

Finishing Touch

🌸🌸Soothing Anti Ageing Leave no Mask to Protect and Nourish the Skin. Home Care Kit to take home for one Week Usage🌿🌿.

Treatment Cost

🌸🌸First session Cost from $130 to $160 The follow ups Treatment Cost $75 Treatment Duration 90mins🌿🌿. .

Package Deals

🌸🌸You can also invest and save in buying pack of 8 sessions and save 30% of total Cost. Consult your therapist for a best package to suit your treatment programme🌿🌿.

Treatment Strategy

*Deep Cleanse to de congest Skin pores and eliminating the makeup residuals. 

*Microdermabrasion diamond abrasion with a mild suction which quickly and painlessly polishes the skin.

*This is followed by Polyderm technology LLLT to oxygenating tissues cells for cellular synthesis for faster skin renewal, while simultaneously stimulating collagen production.

* Integrating  High Strength Hyaluronic acid and Vit C Serum to Nourish and Renew


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First Session $ 130
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Follow Up Session $ 75
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