Lipo Plus Multi lase Non Surgical Laser Lipolysis

Results from the Treatment

Reduction of fat from an area
Trims centimetres off
Aids in maintaining BMI
Sculpts your Body

High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Skin Cellular

High Strength Vic C Infusion

Skin cellular

Why Choose Us

Treatment Strategy

Clinically safe and non invasive alternative to Liposuction.

Duration and aftercare

Treatment of each area requires 8 sessions of 10 minutes each, administered bi weekly. Exercise with hydration within 12 hours of treatment is required to prevent re absorption.


Customized treatment, on request.

Treatment Procedure

Appropriate treatment interaction with the client assists in defining treatment contours. The treatment involves application of red to the body shielded by specialised fabric wraps. The light passes through the skin and stimulates biochemical reaction in cells. The lymph nodes local to the treatment area are simultaneously stimulated with dedicated lymph probes to aid the transmission of fatty acids away from the area.


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