Lipo Multi Lase For Stretch Marks Reduction & Breast Enhancement

Treatment Procedure

It uses laser to modulate cell activity within the dermis through biochemical response.

During treatment, 3 laser cluster probes work in succession after light dermabrasion with Skin firming Vit E cream. The procedure is recommended to be repeated once or twice a week until the desired effect is achieved. A course of 6 treatment sessions has proved to be most beneficial in clinical testing.

Treatment improves

Proliferation and quality of fibroblast,
Production and support to Collagen,
Elasticity of scar tissue or adhesions,
Reduces hyper pigmentation.

High Strength Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Skin Cellular

High Strength Vic C Infusion

Skin Cellular

Why Choose Us

Additional Aftercare

Stretch marks indicate cell damage and fibroblasts are key to cell repair.

To improve this

Regular sugar exfoliation on a treated area followed with an anti Stretch Mark Cream Application twice a day.


Treatment Cost will be $95 for 30 Minutes and $150 for 60 Minutes Session


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30 Minutes Session $ 95
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60 Minutes Session $ 150
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