Laser Lipolysis . LIPO PLUS MULTI LASE

Treatment Procedure


The Lipo Plus provides a truly non-invasive body contouring system

  • There is absolutely no cell damage – low level laser does not heat or burn
  • The LipoGenie bathes the fat cells in low level red laser light
  • This stimulates a biochemical cellular action called ‘lipolysis’
  • Lipolysis is a natural bodily process prompted when the body needs to tap stored energy
  • This action prompted by the laser light used has two key effects:
  • It breaks down the triglycerides in the fat cells
  • It changes the permeability of the cell walls
  • This enables the cells to release their fatty contents
  • The empty cells then shrink back to a smaller size
  • The lymphatic system carries the fatty contents away
  • The volume of targeted fat tissue and body measurements are therefore reduced
  • Exercise is encouraged because it further aids the lymphatic drainage
  • This accelerates the visibility of the inch-loss results and client satisfaction
  • Results can be maintained with healthy diet and exercise


Results from the Treatment

🌿 Reduction of fat 🌿 Trims centimetres off 🌿 Aids in maintaining BMI 🌿 Sculpts your Body

This revolutionary treatment is based on well researched and clinically proven low level laser therapy technology.

… a gentle way to reduce unwanted inches !! LipO plus Multi Laser LASER LIPOLYSIS @Sudha Aesthetics

Safe and Confident

You can be sure of the expertise behind the LIPO PLUS laser lipolysis manufactured in UK By Omage lasers.

Why Choose Us

The gentle action of LipoPlus effectively ‘dilates’ the fat cells by prompting a biochemical response called lipolysis  –  the breakdown and release of the fatty contents of adipose cells  –   by stimulating a naturally occurring, non-invasive, photobiological metabolic action.

Treatment Strategy

Clinically safe and non invasive alternative to Liposuction. Completely painless, fast and effective, it provides for a quick and easy treatment with remarkable inch-loss results.

Duration and aftercare

Treatment for each problem area requires 10 minutes. For best result a course of 8 Treatment on twice weekly regime is recommended. Exercise with hydration within 12 hours of treatment is required to prevent re absorption.


$99 Per 10min Session which Covers an A4 Treatment Targeted Area.


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