EyeBrow Sculpture Threading

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Elegant Beautiful Eyebrows Aren’t Cheap!

Eyebrow Threading Elegance

Great alternative for those with sensitive skin or whom use Retin – A, Accutane and similar products. Accuracy and precision when creating and defining shape. Relatively Less painful Long lasting – Up to 4 weeks for hair to grow back

Experienced Brow Aesthetics

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Pristine and Hygienic Technique

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Before a threading session, the skin is prepared by wiping the area with a cotton ball soaked in astringent. This produces a cooling effect which numbs the skin and hence causing less pain. Followed by Talc powder over the area to reduce sensitivity Therapist uses hygienically acceptable hands only method A pure thin Organic twisted cotton thread is rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs at the follicle level.


Soothing cream applied over area.. avoid sun or harsh Cleanser for the first couple of hours.

Treatment Cost

Duration 20/30 mins First Session including Initial Style Consultation Cost $20 Follow Up Session $17

Packages Prices

Buy 10 sessions of Eyebrow threading and Get 20% Off the total Cost. Please Consult the Therapist for the most suitable Package deal for you


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