About Us

🌿🌸 Our Story 🌸🌿

Practising the art of beauty therapy since 1999, SUDHA KRISH, THE FOUNDER OF SUDHA GROUP OF COMPANIES, her beliefs are strongly rooted in health and the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Since taking over Body Bronze Frankston and expanding the business into Sudha Aesthetic Beauty & Laser Retreat, Sudha has further expanded her studies of Dermal Science, Ayurvedic Beauty and in a process of launching independent Skin Care line. Beginning the first tentative steps into the beauty industry at just 15 years of age, Sudha has graduated with qualifications in Laser and Dermal Therapy and Associate Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Commerce. She has since progressed to run a couple of small beauty spas internationally gaining valuable initial industry experience. In addition to Beauty Therapy Sudha has also worked in the fields of Pathology, Holistic Complimentary Therapies and Dermal Science. By 2007, Sudha had opened the doors of 'Sudha' in Elwood Victoria Australia, and since 2009 has now the proud owner of Sudha Aesthetic Laser Clinic & Beauty Retreat/ Body Bronze Frankston.


🌿🌸 Eyebrow Mastery 🌸🌿

Expertise in Eyebrow Threading, Design, Sculpting, henna, Tinting, Lamination.


🌿🌸 Medical Grade Low Level Laser Aesthetic Procedure 🌸🌿

Skin care treatment tailored to your specifications.The skin on your face is part of a living breathing system. Its many layers are uniquely designed to regulate and protect you. Knowing this… WHY ARE WE ENCOURAGED TO STRIP AWAY THOSE PROTECTIVE LAYERS? OR RISK PERMANENT DAMAGE FROM AN INVASIVE FACIAL PROCEDURE?


🌿🌸 Advanced Skin & Body Care TGA Approved Equipments 🌸🌿

RJ Laser POLYLASER Derma American Technologies for skin Rejuvenation and Omega Laser German Manufacturing For Skin And Body Including Laser Lipolysis.

🌿🌸 Why Choose Us 🌸🌿

Nestled in the heart Of Mornington Peninsula, Langwarrin with over 25 years of trade experience nationally and Internationally Sudha is one of the first aesthetic medi-spa’s offering a combination of aesthetic treatments with the latest medical advances, a walk-in walk-out non Invasive facial and body treatments and traditional complementary therapies.

🌿🌸 Recently Relocated to Langwarrin and practising from home till we COVID Safe 🌸🌿

We are committed to providing an environment that is safe.

🌿🌸 Working hours 🌸🌿

In considering majority of our Clients and Customers life style we open flexible hours during the week and weekends.

🌿🌸 Working hours 🌸🌿

Monday 11am till 7pm, Tuesday 11am till 7pm, Wednesday 10am till 7pm, Thursday 9am till 9pm, Friday 9am till 8pm, Saturday 10am till 4.30pm, Sunday by appointments.